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2005 San Francisco Conference

Feel the Buzz

by Teresa Valdez Klein on October 31, 2005

The blogosphere is humming with talk of this weekend’s Business Blogging 101 seminar. Here are some of the hilights.

Discover Eugene writes:

We just got back from the amazing seminar in Seattle Business Blogging 101. These guys truly run a professional and informative seminar that I recommend it for anyone interested in doing a professional weblog.

Joe Kennedy of Eastside Business Blog says:

Today’s 2005 Blog Business Summit in Seattle was great! Each of the speakers and presenters had a lot of great knowledge and experience to share and I took a lot of info away from it. The entire day was well-planned and professionally organized.

It was the first time I had visited Bell Harbor International Conference Center and it was first class all the way. Did I mention how great the food was???

I feel bad for anyone who thinks they have a web presence who was not in attendance at today’s Blogging 101 Seminar. I’m sure they will want to get to the next one, wherever it is …

We at Eastside Business certainly learned a lot of great information that we will put to use immediately. Our readers and businesses on the Eastside can look for some substantial changes in our web strategies in the very near future.

Thanks again to Steve, Kim and all the other great people at Blog Business Summit, as well as the great speakers who shared their knowledge today.

And as a very special bonus, we even got a comment about Steve’s satirical post on Forbes’ inane article “Attack of the Blogs” from Mauro Lupi’s blog in Italy. My Italian is terrible at best – but the gyst of it is that he was highly amused by Steve’s “realization” that blogs are too powerful. It’s just more proof that blogs bring the world that much closer together.


Schedule of events

by Steve Broback on October 27, 2005

Comments are coming in asking when the next events will take place and we’re finalizing the schedules and will announce it as soon as we’re confirmed.

Thanks for the interest. We can’t wait to get on the road in 2006.


Blog Update and Changes

by Steve Broback on October 26, 2005

I hope our hosting problems are behind us. I joked to the team that it was like the “100-year flood” of hosting problems. I’ve been working on the web for nearly 12 years and never experienced any catastrophic problems like the ones we’ve had. After the Seminars this weekend, we’ll move to a new server and reboot. Until then, and while the site was in domain name server limbo, we reorganized to focus on

* [Blog Book](/book/)
* [Seminars](/seminars/)
* [Conferences](/conferences/)

That should make the site more navigable and to better explain what we do and who we are, we added an [About](/about/) sub blog.


Domain Name Issues

by Steve Broback on October 25, 2005

We apologize again for any confusion with our blog and what’s going on. Our host went down and so did our domain name. The domain name is our address on the internet.

The site is slowly coming back. You may see a temporary site, but don’t worry. We’re here, working on it, and the Seminar is on for this weekend.


Blog Issues

by Steve Broback on October 25, 2005

Our blog will be back online shortly. Registration and details about the Business Blogging 101 Seminar this weekend are available at regOnline.

Please call with any questions you may have: 425-556-1941


Notifications back on

by Steve Broback on October 8, 2005

Thanks to MT Notifier from Everitz Consulting our subscription/notification service is back online. You will receive a subscription confirmation email from us. To confirm just opt-in and you’re ready to go. Don’t do anything and you’re opted out. Also note our privacy policy. We don’t sell spam or anything else with your email.


Microsoft Keynote: Insider Info From the Blog Business Summit

by Steve Broback on August 25, 2005

I’ve just started to evaluate the sessions and speaker ratings from the SF Blog Business Summit, and am pleased to see that the Microsoft Keynote has rated as one of the top sessions. Keynoter Dean Hachamovitch rated higher more than three quarters of the professional business bloggers who came to present.

Based on my history hosting technology conferences, this is a somewhat unusual situation. Usually vendor-related keynotes do not rate so highly. The few exceptions to this rule occur when the presenter focuses on creating a session that delivers for the attendees, and not one that delivers a “message”. This was one of those exceptional cases.

The night before the keynote, Hachamovitch probed me for insights as to what specific topics the audience would find beneficial, and then spent several hours working to align his lecture to the attendees needs. At one point I offered some suggestions as to how Internet Explorer 7 (and particularly the interesting new syndication features) might fit into his presentation. I was pleasantly surprised when he said that he wasn’t there to promote product, and instead focused exclusively on how the world of blogs and RSS can benefit business.

All I can say is, Dean can keynote at one of my conferences anytime…


KGO-TV on blogging

by Steve Broback on August 25, 2005

KGO-TV, the San Francisco local ABC affiliate covers blogging and the Blog Business Summit, including video they shot and ran on the news during the event.


A big giant head

by Steve Broback on August 23, 2005

To demonstrate a meme in my lectures, I show Virtual Stan. A meme is an idea (joke, video, etc) that’s passed from one person to another and in context to business blogging, it’s a great way to drive traffic to a site (also part of the “blog with a soul” thing I talk about). Coudal’s making air and Abba videos are also great examples.

ZortonI dig Virtual Stan and he’s always a crowd favorite. Zorton, his sidekick robot, brings the house down and usually sets the roof on fire. Adding to the memeness in San Francisco, was the presence of Greg Hoy, who was representin’ Pixelworthy, a site where Virtual Stan’s creator, Rob Weychert, contributes. Greg videotaped Virtual Stan in action and used Stan as a conversation starter at the reception that night. As the comments on Greg’s post note

You know you’re living in the future when your creation has spoken at more conferences than you have


There really is nothing like a big giant head to really entertain an audience

There is some debate as to who’s more real and who’s the avatar. Is it Virtual Stan or Jason Santa Maria?


Highlights & Media Co-Option

by Steve Broback on August 22, 2005

Highlights from the Blog Business Summit (in no particular order)

More of
BBS 05 in the news, on Technorati, and Flickr.

Media Co-Option

The Washington Post thinks bloggers are selling bottled air. Webpronews responds, as does Matt Mullenweg and there’s a lively debate started by Adrian Trenholm. The author of the post article obviously wasn’t at the summit, read the Silicon Valley article about Matt and quoted it out of context.

We’ll add that to the any press is good press (I guess) department and note how media is now telling bloggers how they should blog or what’s good or bad about blogging — without blogging themselves. I was talking with Jeremy Wagstaff about this topic a few weeks ago because I’d noticed that magazines were publishing top-ten blog lists. He said

Big media, like big corporations, are slow to get blogging. Not because blogging itself is complicated, or expensive, but because it involves embracing an expensive premise: that the gap between “consumer” and producer has suddenly got narrower. This is leading both groups to see blogging through a hostile lens — as snake-oil or something to be conquered and co-opted. I prefer to see it as the natural flattening that the Web promised us but failed to deliver a decade ago.

In other words, “All Your Blogs Are Belong To Us.”

And, finally (for now) Pam noted how she’d rather have a nifty notepad than a beta browser.


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