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Some Video from Our “It Won’t Stay in Vegas” CES Blogger Party

by Teresa Valdez Klein on January 10, 2008

One of our favorite online communities is the group of gadget heads that gather at CES every year to blog and geek out. We love them so much that we throw them a party every year. Here’s some video footage of this year’s event:

Full coverage of the event can be found here. Special thanks to our sponsors:


Virgin America Airlines Offering 80 Free Round Trip Tickets at our Blogger Party

by Teresa Valdez Klein on January 7, 2008

We’re very excited to announce that our friends at Virgin America airlines will be handing out 80 free round trip tickets anywhere they fly. For you online community geeks, this might be interesting because of Virgin America’s nifty seat-to-seat communications tool.

So if you’re at CES and you’ll be around tomorrow night, drop my colleague Jason a line at jason [at] blogbusinesssummit [dot] com, include the URL of your blog and let him know that you’d like to join us.


Junk in the feed – Sorry!

by Jason Preston on November 21, 2007

Unfortunately, it looks like this site is a magnet for spammers and hackers. I guess we’ll never understand why they’re all so interested in business blogging (ha hyuk).

One kind reader shot us a screencap from our feed – apparently it’s propagating something about viagra, percentages, and possibly African finance deals. We’re very sorry about this.

We’re taking a look at it now, and if we can’t figure out how it got there, we can at least buy all the viagra stock so they’ll stop bugging you about it. Regardless, it should be out of your way shortly. Thanks for bearing with us!


Happy Friday To You!

by Teresa Valdez Klein on November 2, 2007

Business Blogging Blunder

Wonkiness to be resolved soon

by Jason Preston on October 26, 2007

We realize there’s been some wonkiness going on with the BBS site recently.

We’re working on de-wonking the site right now, and we hope to have a return to the usual wonk-free experience in the near future.

Thanks for bearing with us.

We realize there’s been some wonkiness going on with the BBS site recently. We’re working on de-wonking the site right now, and we hope to have a return to the usual wonk-free experience in the near future. Thanks for bearing with us.

Newstex at BlogWorld Expo (we’re there, too, of course)

by Jason Preston on October 22, 2007

Our friends at Newstex are going to be manning a booth at the upcoming BlogWorld & New Media Expo which runs November 8-9, or if you’re doing the “E&E” track, from the 7th to the 9th.

While you’re there, be sure to check out Steve’s session, “How to Work with Blog Consultants,” and also swing by the Newstex booth.

Newstex is a service that syndicates blog content to companies around the world, and then shares the content royalties with the bloggers. They’re going to be demoing the service and hanging out on the floor at booth #405.

Aside from having good execution, the core concept behind what Newstex is doing is actually a really cool idea. Sometimes people forget, or just don’t realize, how much good, original content is produced every day in the blogosphere. It’s all valuable, either as product feedback or good analysis or just new information.

Pulling that together and finding an effective way to monetize it–and then sharing that revenue with the bloggers who are creating the content (I’m looking at you, splogs! Stop stealing our content!)…I’m glad that service exists.

Newstex is also running a contest to win a free iPod Nano (one of the new, “phat” ones). To enter, just sign your blog up for their content distribution system. (So let’s see…sign up to get money for your blog content, and maybe win an iPod? I’m looking for the down-side here).


Mark Krupinski: BlogTips winner and free attendee at the Web Community Forum 2007

by Jason Preston on September 14, 2007

A while ago we announced our sweet and useful BlogTips application for Facebook, which we decided to make into a contest for a free pass to the Blog Business Summit.

A few days ago we zeroed in on Mark Krupinski, who submitted a rather large number of extremely good tips. Things like, for example:

Participation: In addition to writing posts for your blog, you should spend a fair amount of time reading and commenting on other blogs. These can be your competitors or simply the thoughts of others in similar fields.

  • This is very important for: understanding what’s going on right now in the blogosphere in relation to your topic, how others are using their blog to communicate and this will help you establish “link love” when you comment on other sites.
  • Find other blogs via engines like Technorati or Google Blog Search. Then start subscribing to RSS feeds to the ones that interest you. As time goes on, you’ll realize the ones that are important to you and you keep those and start identifying the blogs that influence them.
  • Remember to use blogrolls as a valuable resource for finding what the author subscribes to and follow the same path as above. It’s a simple meandering through the blogosphere.
  • When you do comment, make sure you add to the conversation. Comments are like a cocktail party – You don’t just walk up to a conversation about the business potential of and start talking about what ate for dinner last night. Make it relevant.

For some very obvious reasons, we’ve offered him a free seat to the Web Community Forum 2007: Community Building in the age of Facebook instead, and he plans to be there.

Congratulations Mark on winning the contest, and we look forward to seeing you in Seattle this December!

Comment catch-up

by Jason Preston on September 14, 2007

I just went through our frighteningly huge queue of comments awaiting moderation (85% of which was spam, of course), but the other 15% were definitely real comments from real people.

I know that I, at least, rarely check back in places where I leave a comment unless something reminds me to do so—which is why I like follow up e-mails so much—but if any of you left a comment on one of our posts over the past, I don’t know, month maybe, and it didn’t show up, it’s probably there now.

Sorry for the delay!

I’ll Be on The Mediasphere This Afternoon

by Teresa Valdez Klein on August 28, 2007

Tris and JimI’ll be appearing as a guest on One By One Media’s show The Mediasphere today at noon PST.

Please join us and call in with your questions at (646) 478-5023.


Blog Business Summit Chicago: Important Update

by Steve Broback on August 27, 2007

After much consideration we’ve decided not to host the Blog Business Summit in Chicago this year.

We are contacting all of our speakers, sponsors, and attendees to notify each and every one of them personally of this news.

Despite strong participation from sponsors and our long-time community members, we just weren’t seeing the registrations we hoped for from the local, Chicago-area bloggers and PR/marketing professionals that were required to support the event.

Our conferences have always relied heavily on local participation, and our feeling is that Chicago has been very well served this year by at least two excellent, and very reasonably priced blogger conferences: SOBcon and BlogHer. A third event close on the heels of these other shows is obviously a tough sell. In addition, it’s clear from discussions with local marketers that blogging has normalized and is not the disruptive force it was back in 2004 when we launched the BBS.

As our pal Robert Scoble said in 2006, blogging is rapidly being subsumed under the larger heading of social media and online community/conversation building. For those serious marketers that “get it”, blogging is just one tool in their arsenal that needs to be mastered.

This is why we as a company are expanding our editorial gamut. The BBS team has launched a new blog: the Web Community Forum

And as you’ll see when you visit the Web Community Forum site we’ve created a new event focusing on the best practices for commercial and political ventures who want to use Facebook as a community building tool. Our sense is that many of the same people who attended our first three blogging conferences are now shifting their attention to building and engaging with their communities there. We hope to see many of your faces once again.

On the Web Community Forum site, we’ll cover how people, businesses, and political campaigns are using technologies such as Facebook, Twitter and, of course, blogs to reach out to core constituencies and build communities. We’ll talk about best practices and great technologies – from WordPress plugins to Facebook applications – that enable community engagement.

We ask for your patience and understanding as we move forward with the logistics of canceling this Chicago event. We are committed to providing excellent customer service to our entire community as we move forward.

If you’re a Chicago BBS speaker, attendee, or sponsor and have not heard from us by noon PST Tuesday. Please feel free to contact us. Here are our phone numbers:

Steve Broback – (425)-503-2093
Kim Larsen – (425)-556-1941
Teresa Valdez Klein – (206)-229-9335
Jason Preston – (206)-235-8981


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