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The Wall Street Journal on Blog Mining and the “Numerati”

by Steve Broback on September 14, 2008

I just posted at the Sentimine site about the WSJ review of the Numerati by Stephen Baker.


Jake McKee on Sentiment: Confirms What Shane Atchison Predicted Over a Year Ago

by Steve Broback on April 21, 2008

Monitoring blogger sentiment is critical to journalists according to a report cited by JakeMcKee today. Seems like Sentimine, our new platform for aggregating and tracking blogger sentiment may have a role beyond brand monitoring. It might also serve as a useful tool to serve journalistic endeavors.

I’ve been reading Actionable Web Analytics: Using Data to Make Smarter Business Decisions by Shane Atchison and Jason Burby. Shane (co-founder of ZAAZ) wrote a post for ClickZ back in March of 2007 claiming that sentiment is the “next great analytics frontier.” Seems to me that if companies and now journalists are tracking blogger sentiment, we may be onto something…


Tracking Blogger Sentiment: iPhone vs Verizon Voyager

by Steve Broback on January 3, 2008

Since early October, we’ve aimed our sentiment tracking system at the many bloggers who have been comparing the Apple iPhone to the LG Verizon Voyager. While our Sentimine system can accurately sense the tone applied to almost any product or service, we focused our first public portal on consumer electronics as it provides a nice linkage to our upcoming CES blogger party.

As of this writing, the sentiment meter shows the two products in a dead heat. That was not the case at first. Below is a chart depicting how the sentiment tracked over time.


The blogosphere was largely pro Voyager until mid November, when the trend moved in the direction of the iPhone. It appears that the anticipation of the product led to positive speculation while the actual shipping of the phone (on Nov 21) led to side-by-side, hands-on comparisons. This led to some negativity.

This chart depicts the cataloging of 260 original relevant blog posts. Duplicate and splog-generated posts are filtered out from the final sentiment rating.

Many of the bloggers whose posts are cataloged will be attending our second “It Won’t Stay in Vegas” blogger party next week at CES. If you’re a blogger who covers the gadget space, we’d love to see you there. Just email Jason AT parnassusgroup DOT com for an invite. Vendors, exhibitors, and PR people should contact Kim AT parnassusgroup DOT com for sponsorship information.

Launching a new product or service? We can build a private, real-time blog/press sentiment portal for you too. Contact Kim AT parnassusgroup DOT com.


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