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Wall Street Journal: Darren Rowse Makes $250,000 a Year Blogging and You Can Too

by Steve Broback on January 14, 2008

In the Wall Street Journal article New Services Help Bloggers Bring in Ad Revenue, reporter Kelly K. Spors says “If you’re not making money off your blog, 2008 might be the year.”

Spors profiles several bloggers and the services available to generate revenue. Here are some revenue specifics to inspire you:

Rhett Butler, founder of, a site with articles on rainforest conservation and other environmental issues, makes $15,000 to $18,000 a month from AdSense, using various types of ads. Mr. Butler says his blog currently gets about 1.3 million unique visitors per month.

He’s planning to eventually experiment with Google’s video player ads and create his own video content for the site. “The rainforest has always been my passion, but I never expected to make a living off of it,” says Mr. Butler, who quit his job as a product manager in 2003 when he realized he could make a living off his site.

Darren Rowse, the Melbourne, Australia-based writer of, a popular blog that teaches other bloggers how to make money, earned roughly $250,000 in 2007 off ads on three blogs he writes. Mr. Rowse says he makes the most off traditional display advertising, where advertisers pay a fee to appear, but he also has used affiliate ads and Google AdSense.

The great thing about is that the site is all about how to achieve the kind of success Darren has. Lots of great tips and techniques straight from the horse’s mouth.

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Promotion via Blogs and Social Media: Innovative Companies are Abandoning Traditional Marketing for Web 2.0 Approaches

by Steve Broback on May 24, 2007

The marketers present here at FiRe not only seem to embracing social media as a great way to drive sales, but in at least two cases, it’s been the only/main way they have promoted their wares.

From the podium this morning, Dave Winer was asked if there was a business model for podcasters. His response was that one might not get paid directly for podcasting, but there might be indirect revenues. As an example, he said that Scripting News was successful in generating sales revenues (I assume for Userland Software) and yet the business never took out ads. Winer indicated that his blog was the key traffic driver.

During lunch I was fortunate enough to sit next to Simon Hackett who is the founder and managing director of Internode Systems, and Agile Communications. Coincidentally, Internode also has not spent any money to speak of on traditional outreach and yet has been extremely successful. Simon told me that much of their success has been due to the positive word of mouth exposure gained from hundreds of hours he’s spent monitoring and contributing to the broadband community forum whirlpool.


GolfAsian, A Great Business Blogging Success Story

by Teresa Valdez Klein on April 19, 2007

Denise and Patsi of The Blog Squad posted today about a client of theirs whose blog has brought him a great deal of new business.

“My blog…has been the single best action I have taken in the way of marketing for my company and myself,” wrote Mark Siegel, Managing Director of Golf Asian in an unsolicited testimonial. “I…have seen over $250,000 of new business come in just from people reading the blog and gaining confidence in dealing with my Thailand golf travel company.”

I always enjoy hearing these success stories, even when they involve our competition. For small business owners, this is a great indicator of just how helpful a business blog can be in getting the word out about what you have to offer.


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