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Fortune 500 Wiki Migrated! Whew!

by Teresa Valdez Klein on April 11, 2007

I was actually really intimidated by the process of migrating this wiki, but I managed to make it happen. Many thanks to the good folks who wrote this supremely helpful article at Media Wiki.

If you see any bugs with the wiki, please leave me a comment here. Otherwise enjoy!

PS: See, Easton! I did it!

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Wikis Climb the Corporate Ladder

by Teresa Valdez Klein on March 12, 2007

Business Week, ever the leader in covering the intersection between emerging media and business has an interesting (and aptly titled) article about the rise of the corporate wiki.

One thing that I found particularly interesting is that corporate wikis need “shapers” as much as they need individual contributors. A “shaper” is someone with a passion for organization who keeps the information within the wiki well structured:

Over time, as wikis begin to get a critical mass of information, they tend to sprawl and become unwieldy…You need some kind of person who sees the long-term consequences of not organizing. Most often, individual contributors are not the people who will restructure existing content. Instead, that task is left to…an employee who is willing to take time synthesizing information so it’s easy to read. Executives need to encourage shapers as much as individual contributors. Otherwise, the wiki can become so unwieldy that nobody will use it.


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