Lots of Love For Grapes on a Plane

by Teresa Valdez Klein on November 1, 2006

Our post-BBS speaker, conference chair and affiliate trip to Richland wine country was loads of fun. At least, it was apart from Maryam and Robert getting stuck at the pass with my boss Steve and his wife Vicky. Maryam had to pee in the middle of the traffic jam, and she wound up quite literally “freezing her ass off.”

I know for sure that Robert had a lot of fun. Maybe too much, as he was hung over for the trip back. There is also a mysterious recording of him scratching a melted vinyl LP with a butter knife floating around out there. And that’s to say nothing of the bread fight he started…

Tim Stay of Know More Media was impressed with the jets which were provided by conference/event sponsor Greenpoint Technologies. He posted the results of his interview with Greenpoint maven Christine Hadley.

Kevin O’Keefe of LexBlog just wondered what he’d done to deserve the trip. And of course, I wouldn’t be nearly enough of a self-promoter if I didn’t link to my own coverage.

I’ll link to more stuff as I find it. I’m sure there are more posts out there…

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1 Tim Stay 11.06.06 at 6:49 am


It was a tremendous event and a very successful conference. I was treated with kindness, support and was provided with great networking opportunities and company visibility – all the things that a sponsor would want.

I hope you have been able to regain some of those lost hours of sleep. You have a great team to work with and they are fortunate to have you!

2 Teresa Valdez Klein 11.07.06 at 11:28 am

Tim: you’re such a dear! I had a great time hanging out with you at the BBS and in Richland. Know More Media rocks my socks! Let’s chat soon :-)

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