Bloggy Enthusiasim: A Very Thoughtful Review of Publish and Prosper

by Teresa Valdez Klein on December 14, 2006

Matt Ward of Highland Marketing e-mailed me a link to his review of our book today. As always, it’s great to hear that people are finding the book useful.

I was particularly impressed with the one caveat he offered:

The one thing I would caution readers about is Byron and Broback’s exuberant level of enthusiasm. Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against enthusiasm. Actually, I think that their enthusiasm is a wonderful thing. My primary concern is that, if the reader is not careful, he or she could find themselves missing the critical truth that blogging takes a lot of commitment and resources. So, while I don’t think that Byron and Brodback overstate the benefits of blogging, I do think that their book could paint a picture that makes successful blogging appear somewhat simpler than it actually is. Of course, in the end this is not a bad thing. The reader just needs to understand that the authors are writing from a particular position, and that, as always, that position will invariably colour what they have to say.

I couldn’t agree more with this assessment. As bloggy types, we tend to get mega passionate about all the great new communications technologies out there. But they do take a lot of time and commitment. I spent many many hours each day researching and writing blog posts and moderating commments.

What’s more, interacting with my RSS reader sometimes feels like I have my mouth around a fire hose when all I really want is a sip of cold water. In fact, John Battelle pointed out to me at the last BBS conference that RSS as it currently stands will never really take off as a medium for data gathering until the sheer overload is tempered in an effective way.

But for me, it’s the right way to do my job. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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1 Matt Ward 12.16.06 at 4:22 pm

Hello. Thanks for posting this response to my review! It’s greatly appreciated. Your comments about RSS got me thinking, and my thinking led to a new post on the topic.

The post is avialable at: if you or any of your readers are interested.

Thanks again.

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