The Difference Between Viral and Community Marketing

by Teresa Valdez Klein on March 6, 2007

Jeremiah Owyang makes a very astute observation when he points out the difference between creating a flash in the pan viral video and a long-term online community:

Many marketers want to ‘make their mark’ on the world and create such a viral video but let’s be honest the successful ones are few and far in between. I would be so bold to suggest that the best viral videos are rarely corporate created either, so let’s stop trying to do something unattainable.

Think long term, build out tools and programs that let product teams have ongoing dialogues with real customers and prospects to build better products.

It’s like the difference between a passionate fling and a stable, happy 20-year marriage. The fling can feel a lot more powerful, but you have to ask yourself what matters more?

So how do you build a long-term, stable community around your brand? You blog about what your customers care about, or you hire us to do it for you.

And no, this entire post was not written just so I could plug our consulting services. Jeremiah kicks ass!

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1 Jeremiah Owyang 03.07.07 at 8:39 am

Blog Business Summit is where I first learned about business blogging. The information I learned from their conference in SF in 2005 was what fueled my programs at Hitachi, as well as helped me advance my personal blog. I attribute much of my success to the knowledge their speakers shared, as well as the amazing people connected to them.

BBS Kicks Ass!

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