CES Blog Analysis Indicates Microsoft and iPod Were Likely 2007 Expo Buzz “Winners”

by Steve Broback on April 10, 2007

As a follow-up to our work with CEA in evaluating bloggers for the 2007 CES show, and in preparation for our 2008 CES blogger bash, we’ve launched an in-depth analysis of blog activity related to the January event.

Using a combination of several Web intelligence engines and human review of over 3,000 individual blog posts, we’ve captured the majority of blog posts made by those in attendance at CES. We’re starting to see clear patterns emerge.

One of the largest data sets we have on hand is extracted post subject lines. We’ve broken those subjects into individual words and have analyzed them for frequency. Below is a chart depicting the top 150 or so words in use–after assignment to companies best aligned with them. The iPod was the single most frequently mentioned product term. Vista, iPhone, and Xbox also were hot topics.

Ces Subject Word Analysis

Note that PodTech’s Bloghaus sponsored by Seagate was in the top ten. Heads up that thanks to the data being munched and the services being tapped into, we’ll soon have a comprehensive set of interpreted CES blog-related info. We have a list of the hundreds of individual bloggers who attended CES, and are ranking them now based on influence. We’ve also begun the process to glean product and company mentions (and sentiment) within blog posts.

FYI that Monster Cable is just one of the client companies who have commissioned us to deliver to them the final report we’re preparing. If you are interested in receiving the report based on this data, contact Kim Larsen.

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1 Web Strategy by Jeremiah » PodTech in 10 ten mentions in CES Conversation Analysis 04.10.07 at 3:16 pm

[...] and Apple took the lead, however it’s interesting to note that PodTech is in that top ten brands mentioned. What’s amazing is that there are some pretty big brands associated around PodTech, so this [...]

2 Jeremiah Owyang 04.10.07 at 3:17 pm

Thanks for this great analysis. I did a ‘clip report’ to list all the mentions, it took me a long time to do.


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