Classic Example of the Inferior Findability of Traditional Web Sites, and How the Blogger Ecosystem Can Help the “Dinosaurs”

by Steve Broback on July 11, 2007

As many of our conference attendees know, I put a high priority on finding news and relevant content hidden away in traditional HTML so we can introduce it into the RSS ecosystem. Done right, it avoids contributing to the echo chamber and creates what economists call a “Pareto Efficient Allocation” — where everyone involved is made better off and no one is made worse off.

A classic example of this surrounds a post I made today on our bigbusinessjet site. Here’s the chronology:

1) My favorite Firefox Plugin Update Scanner noticed one of the better (yet archaic) HTML subject expert sites we monitor has a new article posted. Aviation gurus Conklin & de Decker have written a piece about aircraft leasing. See below, as Update Scan even highlights the new item on the page.


2) Click through to the article and read.


Notice: At this stage Google has not noticed that the article exists.


Nor has Google indexed anything (yet) with the same string I used for my post headline.


3) Write an overview post, link back, and encourage readers to click through.
We get a nice post, relevant to our readers, Conklin & de Decker gets an inbound link and the resulting traffic. We win, Conklin & de Decker wins, and (see below) readers that previously had no idea this content existed can now find it.

The good news: 5 minutes later Google has indexed my post.


The not-so-good news (which should self-correct in a few hours/days:) Google sees us, but not Conklin & de Decker yet for the article title search string.


We’ll follow this over the next few days and see what Google picks up on and when.

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