Jason Calacanis Teaches You How To Become an A-List Blogger in 30 Days

by Jason Preston on July 16, 2007

We’ve been picking through the videos of our last conference and pulling out some interesting tidbits to share online. We’re trying to give people a sense of the conference and what to expect at the next one this coming September.

Jason Calacanis gave a memorable keynote back at our last conference in October of 2006, leaving behind him a slough of announcements, nicknames, and of course, some amazing bits of wisdom.

Here it is, folks, how to become an A-list blogger in 30 days, presented in 30 seconds by Jason Calacanis:

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[...] It reminds me of Calacanis‘ training video on how to become an A-list blogger in 30 days. [...]

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