What Kind of People are on MySpace vs. Facebook?

by Teresa Valdez Klein on August 14, 2007

Over the past week and a half, Steve and I have given several PRWeb sponsored Webinars on monitoring the online buzz via RSS. Toward the end of our latter two talks, I got into how you can bring your Google Reader shared items feed into Facebook with this nifty little widget by Mario Romero.

As soon as I started showing the inside of Facebook, a bunch of questions came in from participants who wanted to know all about the difference between Facebook and MySpace. I told them that they’d drilled down into one of my big biases, which is namely that Facebook kicks MySpace’s patoot.

It seems like every marketer and their mama wants to understand social networking systems. This is the main theme of the commentary on Sean Bonner’s great article responding to danah boyd’s article on the class differences between Facebook and MySpace.

[Please note that Bonner's article may not be entirely safe for work, or even open behind some office firewalls. This is because it's hosted at SuicideGirls.com, which purveys high-art pornographic images alongside social commentary and discussion.]

My short answer to our webinar attendees was that marketers are remiss not to have profiles on both sites. But I think that Facebook is stronger overall for business networking.

What do you think? Have you used MySpace or Facebook for business? What have the results been?

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1 Rosie 08.15.07 at 1:46 pm

Teresa, I agree that FB is set up for business better than Myspace. I have tried to use it was a networking utility by contacting people through Facebook Groups that we both were affiliated with… but it so far hasn’t seemed to be all that well received. Moreso with confusion as to why I would try and contact them for business networking purposes (even though the group is a area professionals group for the PURPOSE of networking?) Maybe users still need to get used to the idea of using FB and social networking for business purposes as well? I haven’t used Myspace but that’s mostly because of personal preference. Just don’t really like the site and all the error messages that I get when I try to just log in.

2 mark 08.15.07 at 7:11 pm

LinkedIn = Business
Facebook = Private life
MySpace = Advertising your product or Service.

If people happen to confuse these and replace then with one another, they still work, but not as effecively.

Mark from ClutterMe

3 afterburner 08.22.07 at 8:56 am

i have myspace but i don’t think it’s for advertising your product or service. i had facebook before but i stopped because it wasn’t much of a fancy.

i would like to share your site in our community here: http://www.pinoymoneytalk.com/forum/index.php?topic=7871.msg107140#msg107140

4 mario romero 09.02.07 at 11:58 am

hey teresa! just came across this post.. tks for promoting the app :D , that is so awesome!

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