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by Jason Preston on October 12, 2007

Seth Godin has an incredible knack for starting with complex and important concepts, and then boiling them down to practical principles. It’s one of the reasons he is such a good author.

A few days ago he threw up two posts on building websites – basically a bullet-list for creating a “good enough” web site, and another list for creating a “great” website.

These posts area a great starting point for a company or a team that is struggling to create a new, service-based web site. But I think Seth left out the most important point of all: architecture.

As we move forward, more and more sites will be running on blog content management systems. WordPress. Movable Type. TextPattern. You would be foolish to build anything less than a full-blown major news site on something else.

If you type “Seth Godin” into Google, this is what you get. Notice where is (red), and notice where his blog is (blue):


So when you set out to build a web site for your company, whether it’s supposed to be “good enough” or “great,” don’t forget to build it as a blog.

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1 celeste w, studio 501c 10.12.07 at 9:41 pm

ExpressionEngine is a platform that is good for a blog as well as a full-blown news site. It’s becoming increasingly popular:

No affiliation whatsoever.

2 PXLated 10.13.07 at 5:07 pm

The one place Seth blows it is ripping-off another site…he even admits it’s wrong by instructing you to not get busted using a competetitor. Much better advice is to use sites for reference/research but then instead of ripping someone off, go out to one of the hundreds of free template sites and find something that meets your needs as a starting point. The templates are free and you’re not ripping anyone.
And, I’m with you Celeste…Expression Engine is the most versatile system out there. You can build anything from a blog to a full-blown multi-faceted corporate site to the specs/style you need/want. No affiliation here either, just a satisfied designer/developer

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