Meet the Press: Blogger Ethos is Why Obama Beats Hillary

by Steve Broback on February 25, 2008

I watched Meet the Press yesterday and as expected, much of the conversation surrounded the Obama/Clinton race.

Chuck Todd, News Political Director for NBC made a statement that hit me as particularly relevant to those who follow the blogging space:

“If you really look at why Obama’s beating Clinton, It’s not on issues, it’s on authenticity.”

Seems to me that it’s true. Hillary’s pontifications have more of a contrived “press release” tone to them while Obama is more “bloggy” and authentic.

This reinforces the “This is our conversation” image of Hillary that was so brilliantly put forth by Obama supporters in the “1984″ spoof.

Hey marketers! Authentic sells….

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1 Jim Cooney 02.25.08 at 4:49 pm

Just read “Publish and Prosper,” and am using it as my starter guide for blogging. Very helpful in general, but I think it could benefit from a section on using e-mail and e-newsletter tools as an alternative/supplement to RSS feeds. I write about it here:

I’m a solo blogger, and my “business” will be getting my novel published and read. So my circumstances are different from an airline or Clip-n-Seal, but I still think this argument may apply. Curious to know your thoughts!

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