Battelle: Independent media brands are the future of the Web

by Jason Preston on April 2, 2008

This big long post on Searchblog requires some chewing. I’m going to take my first bite in public.

If I were to take what Battelle is saying and massively simplify it, it would looks something like this:

Consumer brands love to advertise around media brands that generate a lot of enthusiasm and dedication from their readers. Combine this with the fact that the print advertising industry is extremely mature (there is a formula in place that more or less works), and you realize why magazines can charge a crapload for a full page spread.

And the online equivalent of those magazines are…drumroll please…blogs! Or, in many cases, media sites built on blogging technology and an ethos that more readily matches the blogger than the mainstream media outlet.

The trick to print advertising, it seems, is that it exists in a format that has a lot better chance of connecting with the reader than advertising online. And Battelle rightly reminds us that online media is still extremely young, and we’re likely to see plenty of permutations of business models in the next few years that we haven’t even thought of yet.

If Battelle is correct in predicting the rise of online media brands, and I think he probably is, then there are going to be a lot of opportunities in this space going forward. What I want to know is how much “old media” brands will catch on and run with it, and how much of the space is going to go to newer, different media outlets like BoingBoing.

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1 Paul Chaney 04.02.08 at 9:31 pm

You’re not kidding about the length of that post. Both of ‘em actually, as it was a 2-part series. I’ve read through both of them twice and going for a third round tomorrow.

I do like your summation. I think you captured the essence of Battelle’s thought.

Frankly, this is good news to me. Anything that will convince brands to engage customers in a social media environment (so long as they do it with integrity) excites me.

2 Is building your brand the key to monetization? 04.03.08 at 1:49 pm

[...] reminded me of Battelle’s post from a few days ago that I started chewing on yesterday. I still think that the best way to look at social media monetization is to see it as a [...]

3 Jason Preston 04.04.08 at 1:14 pm

@Paul I agree that encouraging brands to engage in social media is a good thing.

The down side is that I really don’t see a path out of the maze yet with regards to metrics and ad money. It’s going to be important to figure out a way to rank how well certain media brands relate with their readers, which will then ALSO help consumer brands engage through social media.

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