How to Tell What Blog Platform a Blogger is Using

by Steve Broback on August 29, 2008

Just tried QuarkBase, works great. Put in the URL, click the “technical” tab and voila, there it is. For years I’ve been viewing the source of a post and then trying to parse what the code is describing. Painful, but it worked.

I was hopeful that the service with the promising name: BuiltWith would do this for me, but IMHO it mostly overwhelms the user with SEO minutiae. It doesn’t actually tell you what the site is “Built With.” It can tell you a site is using WordPress plugins, but never gets around to telling you anywhere (I can find) that it’s built with WordPress.

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1 Goran Web 09.04.08 at 2:54 pm

This is the exact tool that I was looking for. I am always trying to figure out what tools are being used with the sites/blots that I visit. Have bookmarked it for reference. Thanks

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