Why is Scoble in love with FriendFeed?

by Jason Preston on December 9, 2008

It’s no secret that, as Scoble himself puts it, he is FriendFeed’s “number 1 customer.” What remains elusive to most people is why Scoble is such a big fan of the slightly confusing, lifestreaming service that is FriendFeed.

Dave Winer draws a comparison between Twitter and DOS: it is pre-GUI, command line software. He’s right that there is a gap between the two services, and that gap is defined largely by the complexity of using the tool.

Scoble mocks the small-brained users who can’t handle the FF features. Dave Winer seems to think that it actually is more complex than necessary.

I’m inclined to agree with Dave Winer. FriendFeed is a robust dashboard-like system that does too much. Facebook appears to be creaking under the weight of its own capabilities. Experienced users sometimes find it difficult to find today’s events.

In my mind, the cool thing about FriendFeed is how easily it adapts to all different kinds of online media: pictures, links, audio, etc, etc, etc. It’s like an unlimited string of play dough that gets molded to whatever content you post.

Also in my mind, the uncool thing about FriendFeed is how difficult it is to use it to connect with people. Sure, it’s easier to find people, but to have a conversation? Sure, you can comment on someone else’s item, but then that doesn’t really help expand the topic the way a public tweet would.

The problem is that twitter/friendfeed like behavior isn’t already standardized. If everyone had an understand of how it worked (the way, say, everyone understands how e-mail works), then you could build an integrated system that does a lot of things, and it would be less confusing.

But twitter is enough of an innovation itself, and the market isn’t ready for FriendFeed.

I think the simplicity and clarity of Twitter will be a win. It’s a win now, and it’s going to be a win in six months. Scoble: I’ll take your bet.

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