A big giant head

by Steve Broback on August 23, 2005

To demonstrate a meme in my lectures, I show Virtual Stan. A meme is an idea (joke, video, etc) that’s passed from one person to another and in context to business blogging, it’s a great way to drive traffic to a site (also part of the “blog with a soul” thing I talk about). Coudal’s making air and Abba videos are also great examples.

ZortonI dig Virtual Stan and he’s always a crowd favorite. Zorton, his sidekick robot, brings the house down and usually sets the roof on fire. Adding to the memeness in San Francisco, was the presence of Greg Hoy, who was representin’ Pixelworthy, a site where Virtual Stan’s creator, Rob Weychert, contributes. Greg videotaped Virtual Stan in action and used Stan as a conversation starter at the reception that night. As the comments on Greg’s post note

You know you’re living in the future when your creation has spoken at more conferences than you have


There really is nothing like a big giant head to really entertain an audience

There is some debate as to who’s more real and who’s the avatar. Is it Virtual Stan or Jason Santa Maria?

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1 Greg Hoy 08.23.05 at 8:46 am

A real-life example of the sometimes unexpected glory of Virtual Stan:

There are some easter eggs in the app that even Rob, its brainchild, forgot about. We had a prospect in the office and were showing them Virtual Stan for a kick. We minimized the browser and then continued our discussion of standards, design and the like. At noon, the clock tower at Philadelphia City Hall (next to our office) struck 12. Sure enough, over the conference room audio system, a minimized (but not silenced) Virtual Stan exclaims (in VS voice), “It’s lunchtime now!”

The room rolled. We got the gig. Not only is Virtual Stan ‘memeworthy’, it’s an extension of our sales team.

2 judithpeterson 09.02.05 at 8:50 am

please define “blog” for me. Thanks. Jcp

3 -b- 09.02.05 at 10:41 am

Best definition is here on Wikipedia


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