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by Teresa Valdez Klein on October 31, 2005

The blogosphere is humming with talk of this weekend’s Business Blogging 101 seminar. Here are some of the hilights.

Discover Eugene writes:

We just got back from the amazing seminar in Seattle Business Blogging 101. These guys truly run a professional and informative seminar that I recommend it for anyone interested in doing a professional weblog.

Joe Kennedy of Eastside Business Blog says:

Today’s 2005 Blog Business Summit in Seattle was great! Each of the speakers and presenters had a lot of great knowledge and experience to share and I took a lot of info away from it. The entire day was well-planned and professionally organized.

It was the first time I had visited Bell Harbor International Conference Center and it was first class all the way. Did I mention how great the food was???

I feel bad for anyone who thinks they have a web presence who was not in attendance at today’s Blogging 101 Seminar. I’m sure they will want to get to the next one, wherever it is …

We at Eastside Business certainly learned a lot of great information that we will put to use immediately. Our readers and businesses on the Eastside can look for some substantial changes in our web strategies in the very near future.

Thanks again to Steve, Kim and all the other great people at Blog Business Summit, as well as the great speakers who shared their knowledge today.

And as a very special bonus, we even got a comment about Steve’s satirical post on Forbes’ inane article “Attack of the Blogs” from Mauro Lupi’s blog in Italy. My Italian is terrible at best – but the gyst of it is that he was highly amused by Steve’s “realization” that blogs are too powerful. It’s just more proof that blogs bring the world that much closer together.

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1 Dan McComb 11.01.05 at 11:18 am

Incredible seminar, you guys. As a web developer, I’m not sure how I got this far into the future without groking the blog thing. But by about 3 pm Saturday, listening to Buzz Bruggeman talk about how he’s doing an end-run around traditional marketing channels with blogging, I finally “got it.” Thanks for opening my eyes. I can’t wait to share this stuff with my clients.

2 Stefani Quane at Lawlady.com 11.02.05 at 5:53 pm

This past Saturday I attended the blogging seminar put on by Blog Business Summit.

Can I just say: the food was fabulous. I missed the 1980′s and 1990′s technology hey-day, so I was not invited to the monster parties thrown by monster dot.commers. As an attorney, we do not get anything at a continuing legal education events except for some Costco danishes, coffee, and possibly cokes and cookies in the afternoon. At Saturday’s event, we were treated to an OMELET BAR first thing in the morning.

And at lunch, get this: yummy chicken in a savory mustard-ish sauce, ravioli in a red pepper creme sauce, salmon in a terriyaki-esque sauce, polenta-style cheesy rice, cold Chinese soft-noodle salad, potato salad, balsamic vinaigrette salad, …. the list goes on.

Why they don’t mention this feast in the literature is beyond me. If I were the head of marketing at Blog Business Summit, I’d do a banner ad: Weight Watchers, Save Your Points for This Weekend’s Blog Buffet! My only disappointment was eating the salmon patty in the car on my way there. Who knew the food in store for me!

More on the actual course contents later!

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