Blog Business Summit Report 01.23.06: Stewart Landefeld

by Teresa Valdez Klein on January 24, 2006

Stewart Landefeld is an attorney with Perkins Coie in Seattle, WA who specializes in issues pertaining to publicly traded companies. He had some excellent legal advise for publicly traded companies about how the SEC rules apply to the new Web.

Click here to listen to the file or here to listen to the file and subscribe to the feed. This podcast is also available via the iTunes Podcasts Directory.

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1 steven edward streight who is also vaspers the grate 01.26.06 at 10:26 am

Thanks for reminding me of iTunes Podcast Directory. I’ve also got Evan Williams’ Odeo to mess with. Can you suggest some good podcasts dealing with business blogging or blog ethics? Thanks greatly. Or any other tips on blog related podcasts.

Any suggestions on creating a PDF file of blogology material, to possibly sell on a blog? PayPal?

I hate to admit I’ve not yet looked into this, I”m so share economy oriented, but we need to experiment, right?

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