Blog Business Summit Report 02.27.06: Janet Johnson

by Teresa Valdez Klein on March 3, 2006

Janet Johnson is Vice President of Communications at Marqui. She’ll be giving a talk at our Essentials of Business Blogging event in Los Angeles. In our interview, Janet told all about her introduction to the blogosphere, her thoughts about businesses that are testing the waters, and why she’d give Apple Computer a blog.

UPDATE 8:49 am: Yes, both Janet and I are aware that Apple already has a blogging initiative that includes its student blog, but Janet’s point was that she’d like to see their blogs have a bit more of a human face with regard to the organization. Listen to the podcast….

Click here to listen to the file or here to listen to the file and subscribe to the feed. This podcast is also available via the iTunes Podcasts Directory.

Read more about the Essentials of Business Blogging in our Seminar sub blog.

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1 -b- 03.03.06 at 9:06 am

To say Apple isn’t human is ludicrous. Their brand recognition proves that. In fact, we cite Apple’s blogs at length in our book as an example of how a business can blog in a manner that works for them. Apple furiously defends their brand for good reason and blogging in a less open manner is offset by all the RSS features they offer. You can RSS most everything on their site and they’ve built it into their OS and browser. See their dotmac blog, which is rather human.

2 Janet 03.03.06 at 10:30 am

First, I was pond scum. Now, I’m being ludicrous. I love the blogosphere.

My point is that the walls between what goes on inside a company vs. the image it projects can no longer be incongruent. And I believe that a company like Apple (to select one very beautiful, compelling brand that I personally love) will eventually need to be congruent inside and out – with their words, brand and ethics.

Authenticity and congruency of brand throughout every organization (and in each employee’s actions) will be essential as lines of communication are opened, and control becomes a thing of the past.

3 Teresa Valdez Klein 03.03.06 at 10:34 am

I see both sides of this. And again – listen to the podcast. There are a lot of qualifiers on Janet’s statement. If you’re going to make judgments, listen to the podcast.

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