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by Steve Broback on March 16, 2006

Today, in between my sessions, I’ll blog about our [seminar](/seminars/). We’ve got a good crowd showing up with much to discuss, teach, and demonstrate. Tagging is always a challenge to show and I hope that goes well. It’s important, as so many tagging apps are being bought by Yahoo!, but also that it’s a very useful technology, just not one that’s immediately recognizable.

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1 Patsi Krakoff 03.16.06 at 7:52 am

Have a great summit today; just posted about this today on our blog about blogs, and would have liked to use a trackback url. Did not find it as it isn’t apparent, but would like to know where to find this in the future as I continue to post about your blog. Thanks.

2 -b- 03.16.06 at 9:12 am

Thanks Patsi. We have a trackback [URL here](

3 Teresa Valdez Klein 03.16.06 at 9:37 am

At the moment, Steve is talking about how he first discovered blogging and how blogs are different from traditional Websites. People keep on trickling in, some registering at the last minute.

A few minutes ago – Steve’s software updater popped up letting him know that his OSX needed a security update. That cracked Byron up.

Throughout the day, I will be interviewing both attendees and presenters about what they’re learning and what their questions are – later, I’ll cobble those conversations into a podcast for a special edition of the Blog Business Summit Report.

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