Feelin’ the California Love

by Teresa Valdez Klein on March 16, 2006

I’ve been wandering around between sessions chatting people up. Our attendees run the gamut from technophobes to chief technology officers. Everyone has said that they’ve learning a great deal and having a lot of fun.

It sure feels great to be getting the California love.

At the moment, Byron, Steve & Anil are doing a panel with questions and answers about what it takes to succeed in the blogosphere. Up next is Anil’s talk about the future of the Web. We are all quivering in anticipation.

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1 Mark Woodward 03.17.06 at 6:39 am

Quivering with excitement?? You need to get out more girl…lol

It was a great conference, and I appreciate all the hard work that went in to making it a smooth running affair.


2 Krys 04.07.06 at 6:07 am


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