Photos from Essentials of Business Blogging

by Teresa Valdez Klein on March 17, 2006

There were a fair number of images coming out from the Essentials of Business Blogging seminar yesterday.

As always, Mie was moblogging everything in sight from her adorable cell phone (which I now want).

Also, we had someone in the audience posting photos to Flickr. My favorite: “Steve Broback loses his [expletive deleted] on the Blog Experts panel.”

I wish I’d brought my camera – stupid forgetful me – so I could have joined the fun. I did however bring our .mp3 recorder and will put together a podcast from all the wonderful things people said at the event.

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1 James Johnson 03.20.06 at 12:26 pm

That’s what happens on 4 hours sleep with a coffee IV drip!


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