Blogs that Don’t Look Like Blogs

by Teresa Valdez Klein on April 27, 2006

One of the things we talk about in our book is blogs that don’t look like blogs – which is to say, blogs that don’t follow the traditional three column (or two column) bloggy looking layout.

Rising from Ruin is a good example of a blog that doesn’t look like a blog.

Another amazing example is Byron’s Clip-N-Seal blog which is a fairly recent development. This beautiful site doesn’t look like what you picture when you picture a blog, but it was built with Movable Type and lots of brilliant design work.

So when you’re thinking about building a business blog, the sky is really the limit. Blogs can look, feel and behave in ways that aren’t necessarily “bloggy” while retaining all the power that makes them “Websites on steroids.”

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1 Neville Hobson 04.28.06 at 1:15 pm

Teresa, over at O’Reilly ONLamp, there’s a great review of WordPress as a replacement for a content management system. It illustrates very well how you can use a blog platform as the basis for a presence on the web, ie, the ‘website on steroids’ you mention.

2 -b- 04.28.06 at 3:06 pm

Thanks for the link. That’s a great article – we’re built the new Clip-n-Seal site using MT as a CMS, same thing only different. Good stuff.

3 steven e. streight aka vaspers the grate 04.29.06 at 7:33 pm

While I generally agree with your posts, I have to differ on this Rising from the Ruins “blog”.

Aside from the MSM feeding frenzy regarding Hurricane Katrina, and the incessant reports on rebuilding a bunch of doomed and decadent cities, building in a flood zone that will be repeatedly devasted as weather patterns continue to increase in violence, this MSNBC blog is cold and barren.

I saw no personality, no human warmth, no author/journalist names, no sense of a real and authentic human presence, ironically enough.

The MSM has once again taken a “human interest” angle and made it lifeless, dull, morose. Which is why I hatefully call it the Morbid Stream Media.

Rising from the Ruins, a “blog” that is opportunistically preying on the disaster of Hurricane Katrina, is not my idea of a great application of the blog platform.

A blog is a small web site that the average, non-technical person can fairly easily and quickly, create, publish to the web, compose, edit, update, maintain, enhance (with some technical training in HTML/CSS), and promote.

The New Super Blogs of Blogosphere 4.0 will be multi-media, multi-interactivity, super customized and humanly personalized Web 2.0 sites.

4 Paul Woodhouse 05.02.06 at 4:56 am

Hmmmmmm. Lovely fancy 360 degree header thingy with a whopping great advertisement for mortgages just underneath.


Now might be nowhere near as fancy but it has a soul.

5 -b- 05.02.06 at 9:04 am


Thereís some def irony for mortgages when people have no homesó yes. To the point on MSNBC is that itís a news feature, done with MT, and is bloggy, but not looking like one. I donít specifically comment on whether it has a soul or not, but I can see how others would think it didnít; isnít that the whole thing with business blogs?

There are many more great ones and most are design sites like Weighshift. What I tell our attendees and clients is that you can blend blog features into your current site and brand. I like Tyler Town and weíve got some new client blogs coming that I think are fantastic.

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