No Major Hits This Summer: Book Publishers Living The Reality of the Long Tail

by Steve Broback on July 8, 2006

In the Wall Street Journal Article, Can ‘The Long Tail’ Wag the Dog? Reporter Jeffrey Trachtenberg says that the Summer book season has not produced a blockbuster as in previous years.

“‘There’s no single major book that is just doing significantly better than everything else,’ says Carole Horne, head buyer for The Harvard Book Store in Cambridge, Mass.”

Instead, Trachtenberg claims that perhaps due to the Long Tail phenomenon, we’re seeing many different titles occupying the space that a single home run title did in the past.

An ironic twist is that Walt Disney Co.’s Hyperion book-publishing division is expecting big sales (150,000 plus) for the forthcoming “The Long Tail” by Chris Anderson, (which, by the way is yet another book that morphed into being from humble blog origins)

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1 Monique 07.09.06 at 5:18 pm

Sometimes it’s nice when one book doesn’t dominate the summer reading season. At least it makes for much more interesting cocktail party discussion—you can hear about many great books vs. everyone talking about the same book.

Anderson’s book is on my list for this summer. I’m currently reading Made to Break by Giles Slade and it is my favourite book of 2006—a social history of obsolescence in consumer products, everything from disposable razors, yearly fashions and bestseller books to cell phones, video games, and personal computers.

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