A Few More Clarifications on the Free Book Offer

by Teresa Valdez Klein on September 29, 2006

We’ve had a number of questions come in about the free book offer, so I’d like to make a few more clarifications.

  • If you do not have a mailing address inside the United States, we cannot send you a book. There are no exceptions. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • If you are not associated with a legitimate business, we cannot send you a book. We ask that you prove your association with a legitimate business by e-mailing us at freebook [at] blogbusinesssummit [dot] com from an e-mail address associated with that business. E-mails from services such as Comcast, Earthlink or Hotmail will not be eligible to participate.
  • If you are associated with a legitimate business, but do not have an e-mail address to prove it, e-mail me at teresa [at] blogbusinesssummit [dot] com. We evaluate these appeals on a case by case basis
  • You must fill out a survey to get your book. A number of people have sent their mailing addresses to either the freebook address or another of our contact addresses expecting to get the book. If you do not fill out the survey, you don’t get the book. No exceptions.

Here is the step by step process to follow in order to get your book:

  1. Send an e-mail to freebook [at] blogbusinesssummit [dot] com from your business e-mail address
  2. Receive an e-mail back with a link to a survey.
  3. Click on the link to fill out the survey.
  4. Receive your free book in 2-4 weeks.

Also, in the interest of transparency, I should mention that we’ve been experiencing some problems with the filter we’ve been using to determine whether an e-mail address is associated with a business. Some people have received multiple responses. I can imagine that this experience would be very annoying and I’m sorry that the filter got screwed up. No person and no system is perfect and we sincerely apologize for the annoyance and inconvenience this malfunction caused.

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1 Becky 10.02.06 at 9:20 am

I am a business librarian who conducts research on business blogs. I wondered if you would be willing to send a book to my library on this topic, or to me personally since I have no interest in reselling the book. Thank you.

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