John Battelle’s “Marketing Judo”: Turning Negative into Positive in the Blogosphere

by Teresa Valdez Klein on October 9, 2006

John BattelleRecently, Terri Kay of the PR Web PodTeam sat down with our speaker John Battelle for an interview about how blogging and search are affecting marketing and media.

If you’re looking for a taste of what John’s keynote will look like, the resulting podcast will give you a pretty good idea. Here’s a rough breakdown of what he covered in just eight short minutes:

  • The message to businesses about blogging (:51)
  • How search is behind the shift in business communications (2:05)
  • How “Marketing Judo” can help you turn a negative into a positive (3:00)
  • What happens if you don’t respond when people comment: “It’s kinda rude” (4:00)
  • Symantec “Macs don’t get a lot of viruses” (4:29)
  • GM blogging about environmental issues with the Chevy Tahoe (5:29)
  • Businesses are used to hiding behind a brand, letting your audience judge you in real time is scary (6:30)

I think the big message here is that businesses are used to a level of control that is no longer possible, and that’s scary. The sooner you get over that paralyzing fear, the better. But don’t take my word for it. Come to the conference and hear John.

Image via Thomas Hawk on Flickr.

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1 Denise aka The Blog Squad 10.09.06 at 4:06 pm

I recently read The Search, or rather listened to it on my iPod, and knowing John Battelle is speaking at BBS, is one of the factors that made my decision to attend so easy.

Of course all the other speakers and attendees make it pretty exciting to be part of as well!

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