Big Business Jet Goes Live

by Teresa Valdez Klein on October 10, 2006

We’re very happy to announce that just in time for the National Business Aviation Association Conference, we’ve soft-launched our newest editorial property: Big Business Jet.

The blog covers issues of importance to those who own private jets or are thinking about buying them. Obviously, that’s a pretty long-tail market. But it’s interesting stuff nonetheless. We’ll discuss everything from the materials used in jet completion to how CEO’s can demonstrate the value add of the corporate jet to shareholders.

Big Business Jet’s sponsor is Greenpoint Technologies (GTI). They’re the aviation industry’s most fabulous private jet completion center (read: they do the interiors), and they’re the wonderful people providing the Lear Jet for “Grapes on a Plane,” our post-conference Walla Walla wine flight.

The blog was built with WordPress and the template was modified from an existing one by yours truly! All those hours of toil learning CSS and PHP and all manner of other geekery have actually gone into creating something cool. Hooray!

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1 Oscar Lilly 10.22.06 at 11:15 am

Is the url or Your link doesn’t seem to work, so I went to and was able to find some information.

2 Teresa Valdez Klein 10.23.06 at 11:40 am

Oscar: The link is I made a dumb coding error while typing too fast. Thanks for alerting me to the link issue! It has now been fixed.

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